Sticky Content and Fast Leads

Have you written off your database as ‘dead.’ Or thinking you haven’t emailed them in a while and you should just ‘start over.’

Re-engaging your database can be the easiest way to get fast leads & nurture people who weren’t quite ready to purchase at the time they opted-in.

Providing value to your database is a way to grow your email list organically and attract leads who know, like & trust you. Consistent marketing that is sent at the right time & with the right offer allows readers to raise their hand and start a conversation.

The Email Marketing package takes the grunt work out of getting regular emails out to your database. We’ll focus on writing the emails, so you can focus on your magic - turning leads into members


Sticky Content and Fast Leads Services

$400 /month Inc. GST

  • ✔️ 4 Sticky Emails
  • ✔️ 2 Fast Leads
  • ✔️ Schedule and Posting
  • ✔️ Reporting